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Sunday, Sept. 30 | 2:00 pm | US West Coast Premiere

*PNW filmmaker Todd McGrain in attendance

An indelible tale of friendship and human commitment to wildlife conservation, set in the rainforest of the Central African Republic, where the last wild herd of forest elephants are safeguarded by American field biologist Andrea Turkalo,  Bantu eco-guard Zephirine Mbele, Israeli environmental security contractor Nir Kalron, and a Bayaka tracker Sessely Bernard, who was born on the land where the elephants roam.

Dzanga Bai—village of elephants—is a clearing in the rainforest in a remote corner of the Central African Republic. African Grey parrots swoop and rare forest elephants congregate here to bathe in the mud and drink the mineral-rich water. But the lush canopy in the Dzanga National Park is not enough to keep the elephants safe. Political unrest, poverty, and greed fuel a poaching pandemic that threatens their very existence. Fifty thousand elephants live in the Central African Rainforest. Last year 14,000 were illegally killed for their ivory. Elephant Path is the story of how an appreciation for the Dzanga Bai’s elephants crosses cultural, race and geographic differences, creating solidarity among those who value them.

Directed by Todd McGrain | 2017 | US | 1 HR 22 MINS


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