Hydro Flask Seconds Sale Benefitting Portland EcoFilm Festival

Join us at the theater for a Hydro Flask Seconds Sale! Hydro Flask seconds include a variety of products that can’t be sold at retail due to small aesthetic blemishes. They may be lightly scratched or dented, but functionality is not compromised. The sale is part of Hydro Flask’s Parks For All philanthropic program.

100% of sales benefit non-profits including the Portland EcoFilm Festival. Tickets are free and required for entry for during the 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:00pm admission time slots. The 5:00pm time slot will offer guaranteed entrance for ticketed patrons, and entrance for non-ticketed patrons as time and capacity allows.

*Please bring your own bag to the sale!*

HF Portland Seconds Sale 1920x1080 V2_FINAL.jpg

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