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Saturday, Sept. 29 | 6:30 pm | US Premiere

You find fungi in Antarctica and in nuclear reactors. They live inside your lungs and your skin is covered with them. Fungi are the most under appreciated and unexplained organisms, yet they could cure you from smallpox and turn cardboard boxes into forests.

This is the incredible story of how fungi made life on land possible. Neither plants nor animals - fungi represent a third mode of life and belong to their own kingdom. By looking at fungi in the context of evolution and natural history, scientists are making discoveries that will change our lives. Some fungi will save us, others will threaten us and we are just beginning to understand which is which.

Directed by Annamária Tálás, Simon Nasht | 2018 | Australia | 52 MINS

Screening with the short films:

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When Old Growth Ends

US West Coast premiere | *PNW filmmaker

When Old Growth Ends tells a love story about the Tongass National Forest of SE Alaska through the eyes of the salmon, the old-growth trees, the indigenous peoples, and a group of women with an affinity for wild places. The film illuminates how the failing timber industry and its government enablers have ruptured the heart of the Tongass, leaving the last remaining old-growth temperate rainforest in the nation vulnerable to complete unraveling. The film beckons us all to mobilize against old-growth logging, making the defense and preservation of the world’s great carbon sinks our primary task in the new millennium.

Directed by Anaya Young | 2017 | 13 MINS.


Bee-Sharp Honeybee

US West Coast premiere. Filmmaker Deacon Warner in attendance for post-film discussion!

Australian music composer Rae Howell’s Bee Sharpe Honeybee project brings together art, music, science and conservation to create a new way of observing and appreciating honeybees. On a six week visit to Minnesota, she collaborated with musicians, scientists, beekeepers, animators and University of Minnesota’s renowned Bee Lab to create an original multi-media string quartet composition based on audio recordings of honeybees.

Directed by Deacon Warner| 2018 | US | 19 MINS.


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